We are a husband and wife who had a desire to go into agriculture as a way to reconnect with our roots and help those around us. We are currently caring for a mixed flock of free range, pastured, ducks just outside of Cedar Rapids Iowa and producing eggs for our local customers. 

We believe in being the best stewards to the land as we can and while not currently certified we follow organic practices. We utilize methods taken from regenerative agriculture and a variety of sustainable practices. Some of the people we look up to and borrow techniques from include Mark Shepard, Jack Spirko, Curtis Stone, Joel Salatin, Bill Mollison, Jean-Martin Fortier, Elaine Ingham,  and many others. Through studying their lessons we hope we can improve the fertility and productivity of our land while reducing the required inputs.

We believe it's important to provide our customers the very best products and service at a fair value.