Silver Fox Rabbits

There have been many updates on the farm recently and one of the main projects we have under taken this year is rabbits! We now raise fully pedigreed Silver Fox rabbits for show and meat.

We have 3 does and 1 buck in our rabbitry breeding program, housed in rabbit hutches we built ourselves equipped with a gravity fed watering system and solar powered cooling fans. Once litters are weaned from their mother we move them into a portable grow out tractor with an open slat bottom to allow them easy access to fresh grass and for waste to fall out.

We chose to raise Silver Fox rabbits because they are excellent meat rabbits, Our daughter can show them at 4H and ARBA shows, and they are excellent fur bearers. Also Silver Fox rabbits are still a threatened breed of rabbits and we want to do our part to preserve this amazingly docile and interesting breed.  

We want to feed our rabbits the best feed we can and that why we only feed our rabbits from a local dealer of Rowe Nutrition Rabbit Feed from H&N Feed: Rowe Nutrition, LLC Dealers out of Central City, Iowa. Their feed is always fresh, and they deliver to many different cities. If you are looking for an amazing local source for feed and customer service that cant be beat we suggest you check them out on Facebook at the link above.