Our current offering of products include:


Pasture Raised Duck Eggs- Our duck flock's diet is made up of free range forage, Non-GMO layer feed and sprouted black oil sunflower seeds. We produce some of the finest product around. Our Ducks are free ranged rotationally through different paddocks so they always have access to open spaces and can feed on pasture and insects which is an important part of their natural diet. There might be cheaper eggs out there, but if you want the best quality and product from animals that are cared for at the highest level give our duck eggs a try. Stop eating flavorless watery eggs from the supermarket and give real free range, healthy eggs a try.

You can find our Eggs at New Pioneer Food Coop locations in Cedar Rapids, Coralville, and Iowa City; Big Boy Meats in Newbo City Market in Cedar Rapids, or at our farm by appointment.